is the leading connected home platform used by millions of people to make their homes safer, smarter and more efficient.

Connecting the Connected Home makes it possible to interact with your home in a completely new way. Our always on connected home services offer persistent awareness, remote control over the devices in your home and personalized automation. connects a wide range of devices across the home, through an intelligent cloud service that’s easily controlled through a single, intuitive mobile app. Get connected today and put your home in your hands.

With life safety at the core,’s solutions are built with the reliability standards required for 24/7 security. To deliver a fully personalized experience, our solutions offer flexible and easy to use rules that put your system to work for you. With a user’s permission, we can leverage data from devices and sensors all around your home to intelligently adapt to your lifestyle and deliver an unmatched experience that makes life a little easier and a lot more secure.

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Professional, Reliable, Secure. is dedicated to providing a great user experience from beginning to end. We partner with a best-in-class network of thousands of licensed and authorized Professional Dealers across the country and internationally, so that you can work with local experts of your choice and configure a system tailored to your home and your needs.

Professionally Installed
& Configured

Authorized Dealers make it easy to find the system that’s right for you and ensure a professional and seamless installation.

Reliable Technology

Millions use to protect and power their homes. From reliable security to responsive home automation and control, is the most widely used connected home technology.

24/7 Monitoring &
Emergency Response

You’ll be covered when you need it most with professional grade monitoring and emergency response to intrusion, fire, flood and carbon monoxide.

With our trusted network of professional Dealers, we can focus on delivering reliable cutting-edge technology to power the connected home. Get the system you want from the provider you choose and the service you deserve. LEARN MORE >

Focus on Innovation has pioneered the development of technology that makes the connected home more secure, more reliable and broadly accessible. Our platform was built from the ground up to meet rigorous life safety standards, which demand a higher level of reliability than what is required for stand-alone home automation and energy management systems.

With over a decade of experience building connected home services, and an established network of professional Dealers, is the trusted technology provider chosen by millions for solutions that deliver greater safety, convenience and control.

First-to-market Solutions:

  • Created Interactive Security Solution
  • Purpose Built for the Connected Home
  • Industry First Innovation
  • Exclusive Patented Technology
  • Designed To be Future Proof and Integrate New Devices

Exclusive Technology

We build technology solutions that power the connected home. Get the most advanced and first-to-market innovations – only offered by Here are a few examples:

Interactive Security
Video Monitoring
Energy Management
Home Automation

Patented Technology

Patents protect services and products. One or more of the following patents may apply to services and products: US Patent Nos. 6,400,265; 6,442,241; 6,643,355; 6,661,340; 6,965,313; 6,973,166; 7,113,090; 7,619,512; 7,920,841; 7,920,842; 7,920,843; 8,022,807; 8,140,048; 8,214,494; 8,350,694; 8,350,697; 8,395,494; 8,456,293; 8,467,763; 8,493,202; 8,520,072; 8,525,665; 8,531,294; 8,659,417; 8,675,920; 8,680,982; 8,674,816; 8,675,071; 8,675,066; 8,698,614 B1; and 8,786,425 B1. Other patent applications are pending.