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About Alarm.com

About Us
Alarm.com creates innovative, affordable solutions that deliver greater safety, awareness, control, convenience and efficiency inside the home and wherever you go.

Alarm.com was founded in 2000 to revolutionize the security industry and the way people secure and connect with their home. We are the technology leader who created interactive security and continues to deliver the most advanced, first to market solutions. We deliver Interactive Security, Video Monitoring, Energy Management and Home Automation through a connected platform and accessed through easy to use mobile apps.

Alarm.com has redefined traditional security. Focused on continually making innovative and useful technology, Alarm.com allows you to get more from your system. Alarm.com’s connected home services are sold exclusively through a network of thousands of authorized and licensed dealer partners giving users the freedom to choose the best partner for them. Learn more about Alarm.com below or click here to find a dealer near you.

Over 1 million households have made the switch to better security,
video monitoring, energy management and home automation.
Our Company
Alarm.com has set a higher standard with the first of its kind interactive security system. Today, over a million households have chosen our award-winning services to stay protected and connected. Learn More
Culture of Innovation
The leader in security technology, Alarm.com provides our users with exclusive, patented technology that delivers unmatched value. See how we’re leading the way. Learn More
Suite of Services
Far beyond traditional security, Alarm.com’s intelligently connected suite of services gives you a total solution to manage your home’s critical systems. Find out how we put your home to work for you. Learn More
Proven Platform

One of the advantages of Alarm.com is our experience and scale of operations. As one of the largest connected home platforms, you can be confident that our technology will work when you need it most.

Over 1 Million
properties monitored
Over 16 Billion
activity monitoring messages processed
Over 20 Million
individual sensors monitored
Alarm.com Statistics as of October 2012
Patented Security

Patents protect Alarm.com services and products. One or more of the following patents may apply to Alarm.com services and products: US Patent Nos. 6,400,265; 6,442,241; 6,643,355; 6,661,340; 6,965,313; 6,973,166; 7,113,090; 7,619,512; 7,920,841; 7,920,842; 7,920,843; 8,022,807; 8,140,048; 8,214,494; 8,350,694; 8,350,697; 8,395,494; 8,456,293; 8,467,763; 8,493,202; 8,520,072; 8,525,665; 8,531,294; 8,659,417; 8,675,920; 8,680,982; 8,674,816; 8,675,071; and 8,675,066. Other patent applications are pending.