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About Alarm.com

Our Company
Alarm.com is an industry-leading technology company dedicated to the pursuit of safety, convenience and control for home and business security systems using wireless, web and mobile technology.
Setting a Higher Standard

Alarm.com was founded in 2000 to revolutionize the security industry and the way people secure and connect with their home. At the time we recognized a few big issues with the traditional home security system.

  1. Most home security systems were easily defeated by a simple pair of scissors. All security systems were connected by the telephone line, a portion of which is exposed outside of the home. Simply cutting the line from the outside would sever communication to the home, leaving the security system unable to signal for emergency response. It would be rendered useless within seconds.
  2. The security system only provided value if it happened to be armed and someone tried to break in. The rest of the time, which was most of the time, it sat there and did nothing.
  3. You could only interact with the system from the panel in your house. If you weren’t at home you had no idea what was going on and that is often the time you relied on the system the most.
Redefining Security

Alarm.com quickly recognized that technology could dramatically change how security worked and what it could offer - making it more secure, more useful and accessible even when you’re away from home. With this vision, Alarm.com developed and launched the first ever interactive security system using a dedicated cellular connection and has been first to market with new innovative features ever since.

  • Better Security - Alarm.com’s dedicated cellular signaling combats that common vulnerability of the line cut that plagues the traditional system connected to a phone line. This vulnerability still exists with some newer systems that connect over broadband and have a physical wire running into the home that is exposed.
  • Always On - Our hosted platform allows users to receive alerts and notifications even when the system is disarmed making it useful 24/7. This allows you to always know what’s going on with instant alerts, easy to check current status and visual views into your property.
  • Anytime Access - Stay in control of your house when you are away with remote control. You'll be able to arm/disarm the security system, turn on/off lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock/unlock the doors. With Alarm.com you have your home in your hands.

Today, Alarm.com is the leader in providing security solutions that are more reliable and secure, and keep users connected to their home no matter where they are.

Connecting the Connected Home

As technologies evolved, Alarm.com has led the innovation to integrate other mission critical systems in the home in a single service. Our interactive security system integrates video monitoring, energy management and home automation to create a seamless connected experience.

Today, you can control your security, locks, lights and thermostats from a mobile app and create a total personal system with rules that let you automatically turn on the lights and adjust the thermostat when you disarm your security system. Over 1 million households have made the switch to better security; join them and get protected and connected with Alarm.com’s award-winning services.