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Why Do Users Love Their Smart Homes?

Feb 12 2015
With more than two million homes choosing to keep them protected and connected,  there are a lot of reasons why people love our technology.

What do they love the most? Is it the security and peace of mind, or the ability to customize everything your smart devices do? Is it the energy savings, the automated door locks, or the ability to control your whole home through a single app?

Or is it all of the above and more?

We asked users via Facebook and Google+  to tell us why they love their smart homes.  Here's a sample of what they said, along with our own links and videos to help you find out more about each feature.

Thanks to everyone for their great input – we love you too!

Mitch M says: "What do I love about my Smart Home?! EVERYTHING! I love how I know me and my girlfriend are coming home to a well-lit home every single night, but that my lights are off all day when I'm gone from home. You don't need to sacrifice efficiency for comfort.

"My favorite part of my Smart Home is still the fact that I know my home is the safest home on my block, but man do I ever love my Smart Lights... a LOT."

Loren D says:  "We love the ease and convenience of the alarm system and automation control. When our doorbell rings, our system turns the lights on and starts recording video that's sent to my phone. So cool."

Ron M says: "I love the fact that all my automation is cross platform. It doesn't matter if I use my iPhone, iPad, Android devices, my Macs or PC. If I want to control the temperature, turn off my kitchen lights, or forget to close my garage door, I can do it with ease.

"Another feature I love are the notifications and Geo Services. I frequently forget to close my garage door. With, I get a notification if I leave it open. I can then close it with ease from my tablet or cell phone. The automation and security give us convenience and peace of mind."

Eddie Y says:  "I love the fact that I can save energy and monitor my home with instantaneous notifications. Home automation ROCKS."

Tre B says: "I love how I can set automatic schedules so that the alarm can arm, the garage door can close, and the lights can turn off all at the same time when it's bedtime!"

Scott B says: "We love our automation of lights and thermostat, and being always in the know with our notifications. And we love our Geo-Services."

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