Easter Bunny Detected?

Mar 29 2018
This Sunday morning, millions of children will hunt for candy-filled eggs stashed around backyards and homes by the Easter Bunny.

We know the results: Sticky hands. Giddiness. The occasional tantrum. We know less, however, about the creature responsible. How does he manage, Santa-like, to visit so many homes at once? When, exactly, does he operate?

This year, we have a clue.  With billions of data points aggregated by our smart security platform across millions of properties, we analyzed activity data to discover a curious spike in activity just before midnight on Easter Saturday 2017*. The spike was generated primarily by contact sensors, which are typically placed on doors and windows.

Easter Bunny Activity Infographic
"While we can't be sure how the Easter Bunny is traveling from home to home, we have a good idea of when eggs and baskets are being delivered. Our data seems to indicate that the creature is nocturnal," said Stephanie Hinderks, Director of Product Management at

"Of course, it is possible that the activity spike is caused by parents opening doors—maybe to catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny at work? Maybe a snapshot from an Image Sensor will clear up the mystery this weekend."

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*Compared to activity averages for the four weekends either side of Easter.