Geo-Services from allows your home to automatically adjust based on your location, giving you even greater convenience.

Location-Based Home Automation’s Geo-Services gives you even more flexibility and control over your home with automation that adjusts based on your location. By creating a geo-fence around your home, you can set rules to automatically adjust settings whenever you’re approaching or leaving your home – or only when everyone in the family has left.
2012 CEPro winner

Effortless Energy Savings

Have thermostats adjust to an energy-saving mode when you leave, and re-adjust to a comfortable setting when you’re on your way home

Arming Reminders

Get a reminder if you leave home and forget to arm your security system

Privacy Control

Control video recording schedules for privacy – have recording pause when you arrive home, and resume when you leave
How It Works
Watch how Geo-Services automatically manages your thermostat to keep you comfortable when you're at home, and save you money when you're away.


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