What Is a Smart Home?

The smart home – once a hi-tech dream – is now an affordable reality. With the right technology choice, smart home solutions can deliver real value and help make your home safer, smarter and more efficient.

This site will help you learn about the different connected devices and how they work, how to choose and install them, and how to get the most from your smart home.

Smart Home 101

Home automation lets you keep things secure and running efficiently, and even keeps you aware of what’s happening at your home when you’re away. It’s possible today because everyday devices like thermostats, lights, locks, security systems, garage doors and more, connect to the Internet so you can control them through a mobile app.

The smart home includes powerful cloud technology to seamlessly connect devices together, making them much smarter and a lot easier to use too. You can control them all through a single mobile app, and, with some simple set-up, all your devices will respond automatically to your daily routines and activities.

By analyzing information from all your devices, the smart home understands your unique patterns and preferences. It anticipates your needs and flexibly adjusts when your schedule changes. The more devices you add, the smarter and more convenient things around your home become.

Connected Devices, Working Together

Connected devices are the building blocks of your smart home. They connect to the Internet so you can control them through apps on your smartphone. With more things in the home getting connected every day, it’s important to consider how a device you buy today will be able to work with others you add to your home in the future.

Connected devices can be standalone, or part of a smart home system. The more they integrate with each other – ideally through a single platform and app – the more you can do.

Move your mouse over the icons to see some of the devices you can connect and control through a single smartphone app.


Get an alert if a window is opened, or is left open.


Motion Sensor with image capture and triggered image alerts and peek-in viewing.


Choose from among top of the line panels.


Get an alert whenever a door is opened.


Automate and remotely control your home’s climate.


Connect lights for automation, remote control, and added safety.


Automate and remotely control your door locks.


Remotely control your garage doors, and get a reminder if left open.
Best of all, your entire system can be controlled through one app, for total convenience wherever you go. The more you connect, the more your house can do for you.

Your Home
In Your Hands

A single service that integrates all of your connected devices is the brains of a truly smart home. It connects every device so you can control it all through an easy mobile app and gives you smart, responsive automation and seamless control that you can’t get from any single device or solution

This smartphone app puts your home in your hands, allowing you to adjust your heating and lighting, view video clips of your home, let visitors in remotely, stay connected through alerts and notifications, and much, much more. Click on the video to see what you can do.