Five Coolest Senior Care Tech Unveiled at CES 2014

Jan 13 2014

By Jason Oliva
Tech companies from all over the world gathered at the 2014 CES tech convention last week to showcase a plethora of innovative technologies for various industries, with senior living and care having a major presence with a host of rising solutions.

One of the conference tracks—Silvers Summit—was even dedicated to products and services specifically designed to keep older adults engaged, entertained, connected and healthy.

The top technologies catering toward senior care included those that boost social connectivity, track vitals and streamline health data information among physicians and other care providers.

From personal monitoring devices to a "smart" pillbox, here are the top five technologies aimed at the aging population at this year's CES.

Smartphone-Enabled Alarm System for Independent Living,

As smartphone devices become more commonplace among Baby Boomers, expects its new product announced during this year's CES event will bridge the crossroads of smart devices and home healthcare.'s Wellness service is designed to address the needs of aging seniors and those living with disabilities or serious illness, while granting greater flexibility and independence when it comes to home healthcare options.

The Wellness service expands's connected ecosystem with new sensor technology that offer customers and caregivers insights into the day-to-day wellness of people receiving care in their homes.

The sensors are outfitted throughout a resident's home, including living room and bathrooms.

The service provides notification alerts when it detects an inhabitant has suffered long periods of inactivity, as well as alerts when an individual is away from their bed at night for longer periods than usual.

If the sensors detect any irregularities in an individual's living habits, a stationary personal emergency response system alerts to immediate emergencies.

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