App Updated to Include Push Notifications

Sep 08 2011

By Scott Webster

The app for Android was recently updated to include push notifications. This is a pretty big deal considering you're talking about home security and monitoring. The latest release (v1.3.4) will now proactively keep any eye on things for you, pushing out notifications for a number of scenarios. Users no longer need to keep the app open and running to receive updates as the alerts come in real-time. What's more, they do not affect text message count or rely on the carrier's messaging gateway.

Users can create notifications for any or all of the following:

  • Motion-triggered video clips when kids arrive home from school
  • Alerts if someone forgot to turn off lights or changed thermostat
  • Alerts if alarm has been triggered or if the system has been disarmed
  • Alerts if kids did not arrive home from school at specified time window
  • Alerts if flood in basement
  • Alerts if liquor, gun or medicine cabinet has been opened

Download app for Android for free on any device running 1.6 or higher.