Celebrate Freedom from Antiquated Home Security Systems

Jul 01 2011

Alarm.com Encourages Declarations of Dependence on Better, Smarter Security

Vienna, Virginia – July 1, 2011 – As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day, freedom will certainly be top of mind. And for consumers long restricted to standard, keypad-dependent home security systems, the good news is that emerging, interactive technology solutions allow homeowners to monitor and control their security system conveniently from a computer or cell phone, even on-the-go.


To help consumers recognize the growing freedom interactive security systems provide through remote management of security, day-to-day activities, home energy and home automation, Alarm.com offers three ways consumers can free themselves from the limits of old-fashioned, unpredictable security systems:


1. Free yourself from the keypad

Don't get stuck in a rut with standard security. With interactive security solutions, it's easy to get moving and control home security systems remotely, even far away from a security control panel. With free security mobile apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices, users can control their security system while at work, traveling or simply out and about. Remotely arm or disarm the security system from your mobile phone, or view a complete event history of activity beyond alarm such as doors and windows opening or closing. Using a smartphone to manage an interactive home security system is like having a remote control for the system right in your pocket.


2. Free yourself from inactivity

There are many limits to outdated security systems including a lack of control. Innovative home automation and energy management solutions integrated with a home security system let users adjust lights and thermostats remotely with free apps, too. If the weather warms up outside, it's simple to set the thermostat to cool down from afar. Or if a meeting is running long at night, it's quick and easy to turn on the lights at home to make it look like someone is there. Also, use security mobile apps or a laptop to control the view of home security cameras to look in on activity while away.


3. Free yourself from wires, and sometimes faulty connections

Many traditional alarm systems are tied to unreliable phone lines that can easily be cut by intruders or rely on an Internet connection that can go down if there's a storm or power outage. Strongly consider using security systems that work on wireless GSM/GPRS technology to get protection and a secure connection that can be counted on. An added benefit of wireless technology and remote security system control is the ability to receive real-time alerts via email or text message about activity at home such as a safe or sensitive drawer being opened or motion activity detected in important areas such as bedrooms or an attic.


Mobility, control and connection are of utmost importance when choosing an interactive home alarm system. By transitioning from traditional, keypad-only security systems to more innovative security technologies, homeowners can experience greater freedom to monitor, interact with and secure their property from afar this summer and beyond.



About Alarm.com

Alarm.com, founded in 2000, is the industry leading technology provider of interactive security solutions. Through advanced wireless monitoring, mobile and web-based services, and a proven hosted services platform, Alarm.com helps protect hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers throughout the United States and Canada. Alarm.com's products and services are offered exclusively through a network of over 2,000 licensed and authorized Security Dealers. Alarm.com's headquarters is located in Vienna, VA. For more information, visit www.alarm.com.

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