The 2017 End of Year Blog Wrap-Up

Dec 27 2017
With new product launches and stories including Insights Engine, voice control, and the smartest house on the block, it's been a newsworthy year at In case you missed anything, check out this list of our top 2017 highlights.  

We look forward to seeing you next year!  

Introducing Insights Engine  

At CES Unveiled, we introduced our Insights Engine to the world. It's a new, proactive intelligence that understands context, enabling your home to recognize and respond to activity that might indicate a problem.  

Its first application is Unexpected Activity notifications, a smart home security feature that lets you know immediately about potential safety or security issues.

New Integrations, More Voice Control  

Our second voice control integration (hot on the heels of our custom Alexa skill) enables you to control your security system, smart locks and garage door, check the status of different devices, adjust the temperature and more—all by talking to your Google Home device.  

Google Home was one of several new integrations we announced this year (we showed others at ISC West), enabling homeowners and service providers with more choice and customization options than ever.  

Research: Patriots Fans are Cooler  

Did you know that the average Massachusetts home is two degrees cooler than a typical home in Georgia? did, thanks to the billions of smart home data points that our platform processes every year.  

With the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl clash coming up in February 2017, we dug into some aggregated and anonymized data to discover how users in each team's home state customize their smart home experience. Stay tuned for more insights in 2018.  

The Demo House is Open!  

We transformed a Falls Church, Virginia neighborhood bungalow into the smartest home on the block.  

Created to show the world what a true smart home can do,'s Demo House is intelligent, crime-resistant, energy efficient and ultra-convenient. Click the video for a guided tour with creator and co-founder Ali Slavin.

New Features and a Smarter Web Dashboard  

As always, we worked hard all year to bring you new features and ways of interacting with your home. We refreshed our smartphone app, then added new, easy video-sharing features and the ability to zoom into live feeds.  

We also launched our new, smarter web dashboard. With better navigation, better customization and an app-like experience, it makes smart home security even more intuitive.  

Big Questions Answered  

Do you need a security system if you have a dog? Do fake security cameras work? Is it too early in life to own a security system? Home security can be a confusing topic and we're here to answer your questions. For the record: yes, no, no.  

Elsewhere, our Smart Home Security Versus blog series took a look at how stacks up against some most common home security hazards and criminal tactics, from doorstep package theft to lost and stolen keys.  

Happy Holidays!  

Finally, did you catch our holiday video?  

We wish you and your family a safe and smart 2018. If you're resolving to get next year, the first step is to connect with a service provider. Enter your ZIP code below to get started!