Three Ways Protects Your Home In Winter Weather

Jan 21 2015
Life inside of your home can be cozy and peaceful in the wintertime, but it also comes with some unique challenges. While some might think home security is just about preventing break-ins, an Smart Home can keep you aware and in control of a whole range of cold weather situations.

Here are three common winter events that helps you manage so you and your home stay safe, warm and dry until the first shoots of spring appear.

Fireplace Hazards: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

There's nothing quite as relaxing as sitting by a crackling fireplace in winter – except, perhaps, going to bed afterwards knowing that your family is protected from accidental fire and smoke hazards.

Unlike other connected detectors, alerts people in the home in the event of a fire or CO detection and a lot more too. You and your neighbors can get a real-time alert, so you're aware of the danger no matter where you are. Best of all, emergency services will be contacted on your behalf. No matter where you are, professional help will be on the way.

In addition, when there's a fire or CO alert, will also turn on your lights to ensure a safe exit, and shut down your HVAC system to prevent ash and fumes spreading through your home.

Power Cuts: No Power, No Problem

Icy weather cracks tree limbs and downs power lines. With your home will remain protected and connected, even when the power's out. While other systems depend on your broadband connection, our advanced wireless technology uses a reliable, cellular connection. Your system will continue to secure your home and you can still use our mobile app to control many home automation devices like door locks. even sends you information about how many other homes in your area are without power so you'll know if it's a large issue, or something isolate to your property or street.

If you have to escape the cold by staying over at a neighbor's house or a hotel, you'll also know right away when power's is restored. An alert from notifies once things are back online so you can get home right away.

Water Damage: Flood Sensors and Temperature Threshold Alerts Cold weather is prime time for flooded homes. Water damage costs homeowners and insurers $9 billion annually and is often due to burst pipes caused by freezing weather.

Acting quickly is the key to minimizing flood damage, which can quickly run into thousands of dollars as water soaks into furniture, flooring and drywall. offers water sensors which you can place in vulnerable areas of your home to alert you if a pipe bursts, so that you can act immediately to shut off your water.

If you're not there to shut off your water supply, an smart lock on your front door allows you to let a trusted neighbor or local plumber into the house.

The best option when a pipe bursts is to have your home respond automatically when it detects a burst pipe.'s water solution includes a smart water valve that shuts off your water supply when triggered by a water sensor.

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