Are Eagles Fans Friendlier Than We Think?

Jan 31 2018
From booing Santa Claus to pelting their defeated rivals' bus, fans of the Philadelphia Eagles have long held a reputation for being… less than welcoming.

But maybe that's just part of giving their team a home field advantage. Underneath it all, could the City of Brotherly Love be more neighborly than everyone thinks?

With this weekend's Super Bowl clash coming up, we wanted to know which is the real Philadelphia. So we dug into some aggregated, anonymized data from's smart home security platform, which processes billions of data points from millions of homes every year.

We discovered that the typical doorbell camera in Philadelphia is pressed a lot more often than most. Compared to the national median, Philadelphia doorbells are pressed 25 percent more often. In fact, Philadelphia residents can expect 2 more doorbell rings each month than the rest of the US. Eagles Patriots Doorbell Data
Boston doorbells, meanwhile, are pressed 19 percent less than the national median—so maybe it's Pats fans who truly deserve the grumpy reputation.'s Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera is connected to the home's smart security system via's cloud platform, enabling homeowners to answer the door from anywhere and give access to verified visitors via the door's smart lock. It's also a full security camera, making it the ideal defense against package theft and other criminal activity.

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