A Resolution Worth Keeping: Get in the New Year

Dec 30 2015
What are your New Year's resolutions? We may be able to help you achieve them.

Because our smart home security technology is designed to solve real, everyday challenges, many of its benefits sound like worthy New Year's resolutions in their own right, and may align with your own.

Here are three big ones we can help you with.

Worry less

You don't have to worry about leaving your home when you have smart home security. But if you do, you can check in anytime via image sensor or live video. If something important happens, you'll get an instant alert, and if there's an emergency, professional security personnel will send help. If you like to give a neighbor access when you're gone, or if you're leaving a teen home alone, takes the worry out of that too.

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Save money

By finding ways to save energy when you don't need it, our Smart Thermostat can put a sizeable dent in your heating and cooling bills. When you leave home, it sets back to save energy. When you're on your way home, it knows in advance to make things comfortable when you arrive. And when you're there, it has some very smart ways to tailor your home's climate to your lifestyle. It might just be the most comfortable way possible to reduce your energy spending.

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Not just your closets – your phone too! While standalone smart home devices each come with their own smartphone apps, a smart home solution like streamlines things with a single app to control everything in your home. The benefits go further than eliminating ‘app clutter', too: a single app and platform means that your smart devices can share intelligence and take smarter actions, making your everyday life easier.

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