Santa Sightings Go Through The Roof Thanks to

Dec 31 2018's smarter home security technology has achieved all kinds of "firsts" over the years.

Now, we're the first tech company to catch Santa on a smart home security camera.  

And it didn't just happen once. This holiday season, security cameras captured Santa at work in more than 30,000 smart homes throughout the US and Canada.  

We can now reveal that these sightings weren't by accident. Instead, they were the results of several months of collaboration between video engineers and the world's largest logistics operation at the North Pole.  

Aware that's millions of customers use smart home security to protect package deliveries year-round, and that, in past years, Santa has accidentally set off alarm systems when accessing properties without chimneys, North Pole executives partnered with to devise a smarter access solution for their jolly CEO.

santa security camera 1
While the full details of the solution remain under wraps, we can share that Santa agreed to wear his classic red delivery outfit with white sash and black boots: a distinctive wardrobe and shape which enabled's video analytics team to design a custom algorithm capable of confirming his presence and capturing a snapshot of his visit.

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