Three Smart Home Trends from CES 2015

Jan 15 2015

Last week was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES is a widely attended and internationally renowned consumer electronics trade show and "the global stage for innovation".  

It was an exciting week for as we made a series of announcements, and Smart Home technology generally received a ton of attention again this year. We even won an Energy Management Product of the Year Award, quite an honor.

One of the great things about CES is that it's so big and comprehensive that it offers a unique opportunity to assess big trends across the technology industry. This year featured cool new technology and services in everything from cars to wearables to new TVs.  Once again, Smart Home technology had an even larger presence at the show this year.  

As a pioneer in this space, with millions of homes subscribed to our technology services, wanted to share our observations from this year's show along with some insights into how this space is evolving. We noticed three key Smart Home trends for 2015. 

Trend 1: Powerful Platforms Play a Critical Role

Devices are obviously a key part of Smart Home technology architecture, and some very big consumer brands committed to connecting all their product lines to the Internet in the near future. was part of the action, announcing our new Smart Thermostat and our partnership with Tagg, a GPS tracker for your pets.  

But, with so many devices becoming connected (including a new toothbrush!), an increasing focus on how these connected things can work together in the home emerged at this year's CES.  

As devices proliferated over the last few years, platforms and hubs began to gain attention. At this year's CES, they were the major focus.  

This logical evolution of the Smart Home conversation is exciting for because our cloud platform was purpose-built to integrate devices and sensors from all around the home.   The more devices you can connect into a single solution the smarter and more efficient your house can become.

Trend 2: Goodbye Simple Commands, Hello Automation

Controlling multiple devices through mobile apps is handy, but automating them is smart. 

To respond automatically to issues or conditions on behalf of the homeowner, platforms are now processing real-time data from a multitude of devices and data sources. Our own platform combines information like user location, local weather, and the patterns and preferences of the homeowner to create a highly personalized and valued experience.  

At CES, we launched an expansion of Geo-Services, our award winning location-based automation feature. Now, nearly any device in the home can automatically respond to the user's location to help them keep things safer and manage their Smart Home more efficiently.  

Trend 3: Security is a Smart Home Essential

The other trend that's only grown stronger over the last few years is the importance of home security in the Smart Home.  Smart Home technology offers great enhancements to home security, including proactive alerts when something happens, automatic responses like turning on the lights and alerting the police in case of a potential break-in, and reminders to lock the door and arm the security system when you leave home.  

Security has proven to be a critical need for homeowners, and companies are responding with products and services that tout security features. However, not all of these offerings are equal.

Some are single devices with limited coverage in the home. Many smart home devices are not built with security in mind and can be rendered useless when the home's power or broadband goes out.  Other systems will send alerts if something happens like a fire, but require you to be on call 24/7. If you're on a plane, swimming, in a loud restaurant or just asleep when something goes wrong, you could be out of luck. pioneered Smart Home security and believes that it's a service delivered by a professional, which includes 24/7 monitoring for peace of mind no matter what. Smart Home consumers seem to agree, with professionally monitored security services now leading the adoption of Smart Home technology in millions of homes.   

The security industry's services model also provide a lot of value to Smart Home consumers.  It offers installation and ongoing support, ensures that your data will not be sold for advertising, and allows you to get a full system for a low upfront cost.  It's a great way to get a leading Smart Home solution, properly installed and designed to keep up with new technology as it comes out. 

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