VISIT Review: The Alert Saved My Dogs; The Monitoring Saved My House

Oct 09 2015
When Benjamin's system detected a fire, it instantly alerted both him and his monitoring station – enabling Ben to save his dogs, and firefighters to save his and his neighbors' homes.

"I was working from home that day and had stepped out for ten minutes," Benjamin recalls. "I'd confined my dogs in the bedroom before I left. On my way back, a smartphone alert came through, telling me that the third-floor smoke detector was going off.

"I broke into a sprint."

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How Protects You in a Fire

Our Smart Home Security solutions protect homeowners against a wide range of dangers and problems, including fires. In an emergency, detects, alerts and responds with proactive measures that protect you and your home.

When Benjamin's third-floor smoke detector sensed a fire, his system signaled's cloud platform via its dedicated cellular connection. The platform—the ‘brains' of the system—took two critical actions: it sent an alert to Ben's smartphone, and alerted his 24-7 monitoring station.

While Benjamin rushed up the stairs to rescue his dogs, a trained security professional was already dispatching firefighters to the home. The fire crew were on the scene within five or six minutes without Ben having to alert them himself—fast enough to save Ben's home and prevent the fire spreading to the adjoining townhouse.

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