VISIT Review: "Peace of Mind Is Priceless"

Mar 06 2015
When Chi Chi and Tembile experienced an attempted burglary two years ago, they began researching wireless security systems for their home. They found and never looked back. Here's what they love about their Smart Home security experience so far.

Tamper-resistant wireless security "I wanted everything to be wireless, with nothing attached to a landline," says Tembile. "Landlines run outside and people can always cut them. That's a definite no."

Our wireless security systems are safer and more reliable. Thanks to our dedicated cellular connection, your system is always connected to a 24-7 professional monitoring station, no matter what the status of your phone line or Internet connection. You're even protected if an intruder breaks your alarm panel.

Fast and convenient professional installation

"It was the easiest two hours of my life," says Chi Chi. "They knew where to put the monitors without compromising the integrity of the home. You could tell they were professionals."

"Our installer did his job and then made time to walk us through how it all works," adds Tembile.

Our Smart Home security systems are installed and serviced by a network of professional security dealers who will help you identify your needs, configure the best solution and then install your hardware. They'll also provide ongoing technical support, either on-site or remotely, ensuring that your system always delivers the security you need. To connect with a local dealer, click here.

A single app to control the whole home

"It's such a user-friendly app," Tembile says about's smartphone app. "You have everything that you need without having to switch apps: I can do everything right there in my hand.

Our smartphone app doesn't just control your security system; it controls a whole ecosystem of Smart Home devices including video cameras, connected locks and garage doors, smart thermostats and smart lighting. Because they're connected by a single app and platform, they all work together seamlessly.

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