Try our Apple Watch App: Demo and Video

Apr 24 2015
Our new app for Apple Watch uses quick, light interactions to make controlling your smart home as easy as checking the time.

Click any tab on the Apple Watch face below to explore the app for yourself.

With, controlling devices like your security system, locks, lights, garage door and thermostats is simple and intuitive. Here's a quick video overview.

Here are just a few of the things our app lets you do.

• View all of your home's key devices in one app

• Check the status of important devices in a Glance

• Arm or disarm your security system with a tap

• Control access remotely with smart locks and garage doors

• Adjust your smart thermostat from your wrist

• Turn your lights on and off with a tap

• Respond easily to alerts with Actionable Notifications

To find out more about's Smart Home solutions, click here.