Where's Your Cold Room?

Dec 03 2015
Where's the cold room in your house—that room where, although the rest of the home feels just right, you often find yourself wishing for a blanket?

You know which room we're talking about. Maybe it has a different type of flooring to the rest of the house, or it's more shaded than your other rooms, or has large windows. It might be an add-on to your home, or it might just be the furthest room from your thermostat.

It's common for houses to have a temperature difference of a few degrees between rooms, and cold rooms in this range don't require you to start tearing down drywall and adding new insulation. In fact, you don't even need to add a space heater.

Goodbye, Cold Room! has a smart fix for your cold room.

We call it precision comfort: a smart home solution that overcomes the age-old problem of your thermostat being fixed in one (warmer) room of your home.

Simply place one of our new Remote Temperature Sensors on your wall, and assign it control of your Smart Thermostat. Your home will now warm up until your cold room is exactly the temperature you want it.

It's a great solution if your cold room is somewhere you spend a lot of time, like your living room or kitchen. It's easy to set a schedule that optimizes for the cold room at specific times—between 6.00pm and 10.00pm, for example—so that you only use the extra energy when you're there to enjoy it. Outside those times, the control reverts to the main thermostat or another sensor.

Ready to ditch the blankets and say goodbye to the cold room? Click here to connect with a local service provider today.

Note: If your cold room is typically five or more degrees colder than the rest of your house, you may have inadequate insulation, air leakage or other problems. For troubleshooting tips, click here.