Why Is A Date Night Essential

Feb 10 2017
When you become a parent, you realize that it's not just youngsters who get nervous on dates.

Remember that ‘butterflies' feeling in the stomach? Those little dating anxieties you thought you were forever done with? They're back! And it's all the babysitter's fault.

Just kidding; it isn't the babysitter's fault. She's a smart, proactive, first-aid-trained, straight-A student who loves to read to your kids and who thinks Snapchat is overrated. The real cause of your date night anxiety is that you feel too far away from your kids to jump in if something goes wrong.

Well, there's an app for that. It's called It keeps you in the know, shows you what's going on, and makes you feel connected enough to home that you don't need to rush back there early.

1: See what's going on

If you find yourselves wondering what your kids are up to, or how bedtime is going, there's no need to call or request an update via text message.

Simply open your app, select a feed from your home's smart security cameras, and see for yourself what's going on. If you feel uncomfortable checking in unannounced, you can always send a ‘heads-up' text before you do.

2: Know if something is amiss

Kids sometimes take the opportunity of an unfamiliar babysitter to do things they shouldn't, like exploring off-limits areas around (and outside) the house. If there's an area you're really concerned about – an office cabinet, or the front yard—a contact sensor on the door can generate an alert when it's opened. You'll know instantly if something is up and you need to call your sitter.

Date Night 3.jpg
3: Ensure the house is secure

Even if your sitter isn't familiar with your home's locks and doors, lets you easily ensure your home is secure after dark. Your app shows you the status of your home's locks, for example, and lets you lock them remotely once everyone's inside.

A video doorbell is another device that comes into its own on date night. If an unexpected (or surreptitiously expected) visitor rings the bell while you're out, shows you exactly who's there through a live HD video feed on your phone.

4: Know you're protected in emergencies

No matter what your kids might get up to during the evening, you can rest assured that in a real emergency, like a fire, they're protected by your home's 24/7 professional monitoring station.

In the event of a fire, break-in or carbon monoxide leak, your home proactively alerts the monitoring station, and firefighters or police are dispatched to your home immediately. it's a keeper

As your kids grow, your technology will adapt with your family, letting you find the perfect balance of of independence and connectedness to enjoy your free time. And when they start dating, you'll already have everything you need. 

We wish you a happy Valentine's Day! To find out more about parenting in an home, click here.