When Kids Get Crazy in Summer, Smart Home Security Can Help

Jul 07 2016
Your children spend more time at home during summer.  Even with babysitters, camps, and other activities, that can mean less supervision around the house.

Additional independence is part of growing up, but parents can't anticipate everything.  Thanks to smart home security, you can stay worry-free.

By letting you know when kids come and go, your system's contact sensors, image sensors and video cameras give you a ‘sixth sense' of what's happening at home. It also helps you ensure that house rules are followed, even when  you're not there.

Make Access Easy but Secure

One of the biggest worries parents have is simply making sure kids get home safely and securely.  With, you'll always know, and you can get rid of that extra key ‘hidden' under the door mat.

With smart locks, user codes and security monitoring, you can keep your home secure and give your kids easy, anytime access.  Instant alerts will let you know when they arrive and leave too.

Stay Aware of Activity

Contact sensors have a multitude of uses when connected to  You can monitor any sensitive area in your home and get an instant alert if someone accesses it.
craft closet_Alert_Twitter.jpg
Whatever you need to protect or keep track of, a contact sensor fixed to the appropriate door, drawer, cabinet or chest will let you know. You can even add one to the TV cabinet, or the drawer with the video game controllers to monitor screen time. Get as creative as you like!

Know who's where, when

When older kids are home alone, unauthorized visitors can be a cause for concern. video cameras are a great way to know exactly which (and how many) of your kids' friends are hanging out at your house.

Activity-triggered smart clips let you easily monitor the situation.  The front door opening, for example, can trigger an HD camera to capture a smart clip that's immediately delivered to your smartphone. This is a good way of keeping tabs on who's coming and going.

You can also use your app to check in through any video camera in your home, anytime. This is great for seeing what your kids are up to and to make sure the babysitter is engaging with them, rather than with a smartphone.

Stay secure outdoors too

While all smart homeowners will secure their house with sensors, not everyone thinks to use smart home tech in the backyard.  This offers great advantages, including knowing when your backyard gate is opened. As well as your kids and their friends, it's great for keeping an eye on your dog too.

A contact sensor on your gate is a great help when it's dark out. If your kid comes in late from playing with the neighbors, it can turn on the lights automatically. You can also use a smart switch to automatically turn the lights on right at sunset.

And don't forget your energy bills…

Sometimes, kids have better things to do than close the door as they run out of the house.  An Smart Thermostat protects your wallet when that happens.

When the door is open for too long, it sets back to save energy automatically and doesn't set forward again until the door is closed. Meanwhile, you'll get an alert so you can send your kids a polite reminder.

Do you need a smart home security system this summer? Here's how to get one.