Are Patriots Fans Cooler?

Feb 03 2017 can't tell you who will win this weekend's Super Bowl, but our cloud platform can tell us a few other things. Processing billions of data points from millions of homes every year, its big data capabilities are a source of insight that helps us continually improve our smart home features and services.

It can also tell us some interesting things about different groups of users. For example, this week, we dug into some aggregated and anonymized data to discover how users in the home states of each of the Super Bowl's two contenders – Massachusetts and Georgia—like to customize their smart home experience.

Pats fans tend to be cooler.

Between two and three degrees cooler, to be precise. During Sunday's big game, we predict the average Massachusetts home's temperature—according to Smart Thermostat data—will be set to 68.3 degrees. Georgians, meanwhile will be keeping things warmer at an average of 70.3 degrees.

MG-GA-Thermostats 2-4.jpg Smart Thermostats  are connected to the home's security system via's cloud platform, and help homeowners save energy automatically.

For example – you can have the thermostat automatically turn down to save energy when you leave home with your smartphone. Our Geo-Services feature, which uses your phone's location, is popular in Massachusetts.

In Georgia, on the other hand, many users prefer to have their thermostats set back when they arm their security systems as they leave the house.

What other differences did we find? users can add a wide range of integrated smart home devices to their security systems. Smart thermostats are popular—in Massachusetts, they're the #1 addition—but you can also add smart locks, lights, garage door openers and more.

In Georgia, the most popular additions are smart security cameras.

Like the thermostat, video cameras are connected to the security system, enabling features like video smartphone alerts. These alerts let you see what's happening at your house from anywhere, and can be turned on or off based on who's in the house, or what time of day it is.

So, while Patriots fans may be cooler, Falcons fans may be the ones who know what's going on.

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