Alarm.Com Review: Staying Close To Our New Arrival

Aug 23 2016
After two years of using smarter home security to check up on their house when they're at work, young professionals Jaclyn and Jason have a new reason to check in via their apps.

New arrival Rupert is a three-month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. During the day, Jaclyn (an employee) and Jason use their system to ensure that Rupert is safe, happy and well-looked after.

"We have a dog walker who comes every day," explains Jason. "To let them in, we created a unique user code for our smart lock, which also sends an alert when they arrive. We can see when they arrive, or get a no-show alert if they don't.

"Whenever we want to check up on Rupert, we use our video cameras to peek in," says Jaclyn. "It gives me peace of mind to know that he's okay and taken care of when we're away from the house."

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