How to Automate Small Appliances to Turn Off When You Leave

Feb 17 2017
When did you last have a moment of panic, after leaving the house, because you couldn't remember whether you'd turned off the coffee pot, or some other hot appliance? For many homeowners, it happens regularly.

If that appliance was plugged into an smart plug, however, you'd be able to look at your phone and see if it was on or off - and turn it off remotely if necessary.

But did you know you can also go one step better and have turn the smart plug off automatically? It involves setting up a simple type of home automation called a rule. Here's how to do it.

1: Getting Started

Log into on your desktop or laptop. Click the emPower tab and select Rules.

automate small appliance 1.jpg

Scroll down past any existing rules and click Add a Rule. automate small appliance 2.jpg 2: Creating Your Rule

You'll see that each rule features a trigger and an action. gives you a huge range of triggers - events that can activate a rule - to choose from.

For a trigger that corresponds to leaving the house in the morning, Geo-Services (a location-based trigger) is perfect. When your smartphone leaves your home's geo-fence with you in the morning, it lets know and triggers the rule.

automate small appliance 4.jpg

Let's explore another way to do it, this time with a curling iron.

The rule below is based on sensor activity: specifically, the front door's contact sensor. Because we don't want the device to turn off every time the front door opens - only in the morning - this rule specifies a timeframe of 7am to 8am only.

automate small appliance 3.jpg
Whichever type of trigger you choose for your rule, you'll be all set to leave home without worry. To discover some more ways smart home security makes life better, click here

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