Video: Three Smart Home Animal Tales from

Feb 18 2015
At, we believe that a Smart Home should make things safer and smarter for every member of the family – even the four-legged ones.

An Smart Home has many benefits for pets and their owners. For example, smart access control makes it easy to let a dog walker in and out when you're at work (and get an alert when they're done). It's also fun to check in on your pet anytime with our image sensor or video cameras. We're even integrating the Tagg pet tracker into the system so you'll know exactly where your pet is if they escape.

It's easy to customize your system for your pet's needs, which means that many users get creative – and none more so than's own team.

With "Love Your Pet Day" coming up this Friday, we wanted to share three of our favorite animal stories.

Smart Cat Feeding

You love your cat. But you don't love it when they wake you up in the middle of the night asking to be fed. Rose's solution: combine an smart plug with an electric cat feeder to deliver an automated 3am snack. Everyone wins.

Smart Hedgehog Monitoring video monitoring can show you what your pet's doing in real-time, letting you check in anytime and see what they're up to.  But what if they're most active when you're asleep? To keep up with Kiwi the hedgehog's nighttime activity, Raisa deployed a video camera with night vision – and used's motion-triggered video smart clips to get a "highlights reel" every morning.

Smart Squirrel Removal

Of course, not every animal in your home is welcome there. When a family of flying squirrels moved into Peter's attic, he sprang into action using his system to create a fully interactive humane squirrel trap. Enjoy this unique demonstration of the power of, plus a piece of string.

While the videos above are lighthearted, it's worth considering that offers substantial protection for your animals too. Our final video features an user who, thanks to a real-time smartphone alert from his Smart Home security system, was able to act quickly and rescue his dogs from a house fire.

Do you use to look after your animals? We'd love to hear from you at our Facebook page. Happy Love Your Pet day!