Your Business Could Be as Smart as Your Home

Apr 19 2018
Millions of homeowners love smarter home security for its everyday benefits.

There's the peace of mind of having professionally-delivered, best-in-class security. There's smart, easy video monitoring, smartphone alerts about what's going on, keyless control of who has access to your property, and a single, smart app that controls everything from home or away.

Wouldn't it be great if business owners could enjoy similar benefits?

With for Business—our newly announced smarter business security solution—they can. In fact, some business owners have it already. Here's how Zack, co-founder of Kings County Brewers Collective in NYC, uses his system, which includes commercial-grade access control.

The technology that has transformed how we interact with our homes is now available for businesses. If you're interested in for your business, talk to your service provider today.

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