How A Smart Home Makes Business Travel Better

Apr 03 2015
Business travel can be stressful.

A Smart Home lightens the load. By keeping you connected to your home and family, it makes it easy to check in, see what's happening, and relax in the knowledge that everyone is safe and secure.

Here are a few ways our technology helps you stay in touch with those you love, without losing focus on the purpose of your trip.

Keep one eye on your kids

You may miss home when you're on the road, but there's no need to miss what's happening there.

Video monitoring is a great way to check in ‘live' during your downtime moments. Just place a camera in your family's favorite room and you can see what everyone's doing after school. You can even combine live video streaming with a phone call for an HD ‘video call' with your family.

Know if something's wrong – or if everything's right.'s Smart Home alerts let you know whether everything's okay at home, or if you need to take action.

For example, you can set up an alert that tells you your wife has arrived home and disarmed the security system – all good. You can also set up an alert that lets you know if the garage door is open after she's left home, enabling you to secure it remotely from your smartphone. It's easy to customize which alerts you receive, so set up some extra ones when you travel.

Find out what happened that day

When your trip is a constant dash from taxi to airport to meeting (and meeting) to dinner, there's always a danger that you won't get to phone home before bedtime.

In that instance, you can use video alerts from your indoor cameras to see a ‘highlights reel' of what happened that day. makes it easy to send motion-triggered video alerts to your smartphone. Check your app at the end of the day, and you'll feel a little closer to home.

Lock up for the night

Are you the parent who checks the doors and makes sure they're locked every night?  You can still stay on top of those important details even when you're gone. 

Schedule a reminder so your home alerts you if a door's been left unlocked after a certain time.  You can secure the lock right from your smart phone.

Know that your home is safe while you sleep

If you're the parent who wears the ‘security' hat at home, it's hard to leave it there when work calls you away.  With powering your home, you can at least stow it away in your carry-on.

Thanks to our advanced technology our Smart Home Security systems are more secure and more reliable than traditional ones.  They're wireless, tamper-resistant and connected to 24/7 professional monitoring, which means that emergency services will be alerted if there's an alarm, even when you're away.

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