Five Smart Ways to Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

Dec 16 2016
If you're hosting out of-town-guests this year, consider these simple but hi-tech ways to make them feel more welcome and comfortable in your home, with your smart home security system playing a big part.

1: Let guests come and go freely with a unique user code

A smart home security system gives you several ways to make your guests more welcome. For example, you can sidestep the hassle of handing out spare keys by giving guests their own unique access code for the front door.

A user code gives guests the freedom to come and go on their own schedule, and can trigger an instant smartphone alert so you know when your guests are at home or away. You can even set the code to expire when they leave town.

To create a unique user code, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

2: Keep the guest room comfortable with a temperature sensor

holiday guests 1.jpg
If you rarely go into your spare bedroom, you may not know if the temperature runs hot or cold. Avoid giving friends and family a cold experience by installing a remote temperature sensor.

You can then have your Smart Thermostat heat your home based on an average temperature reading from your thermostat and all other temperature sensors. If your guest room is your home's cold room, this will help compensate.

3: Help guests stay connected with a charging station

We all know the sinking feeling of realizing you forgot to pack your phone charger, and what a hassle it can be to trade a loaner back and forth. Give guests their own charging station in your spare room by providing easy access to a wall outlet and an extra phone charger.

Headphones are also easily overlooked when packing in a hurry. Have a spare pair lying around? Add them to the welcome basket so guests can watch TV or listen to music without disturbing your family.

4: Put guests at ease around your smart home security cameras

Although they're increasingly popular, not everyone is fully comfortable with smart home security cameras yet. When your cameras are part of an security system, this doesn't need to be a problem.

For example, you can open your settings and show your guests how easy it is to restrict your internal cameras from recording when you're home, using Geo-Services. In fact—why not give your guests a complete tour of your app? If they're a homeowner themselves, might be just what they're looking for.

5: Make accessing your home's Wi-Fi easy

Finally, what's the one thing everyone wants for the holidays?? WiFi access! This tip is low-tech but makes a huge difference: write down your WiFi password on a note in the guest room.
We wish you and your guests a happy, safe and smart holiday!

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