Show Your Home Some Love!

Feb 09 2018
Buying a home of your own feels a bit like falling in love. It's easy to see why. It's your own place where you get to relax and make memories with the people you love best.

This year, give your home a simple upgrade to amplify the positive vibes flowing through it. A professionally-supported smart home powered by gives your home smart, helpful abilities that make life easier and better connected, while keeping you and your family protected.

Feel safer together

With's smart home security, you can sleep, work or enjoy your vacation with a deeper sense of reassurance that all is well at home. If there's unexpected activity, such as a curious toddler testing the back door, can detect it and alert you.

Should your system detect an intruder or a fire, it can proactively signal a professional monitoring station so a security professional can alert the police or fire department. For added reassurance, it comes with state-of-the-art security features like crash and smash protection and a dedicated cellular connection.

Learn to open up more easily

Valentines Access.jpg
Forgotten keys, inconvenient package deliveries, early arrivals from service technicians; these pesky "nobody's home" hassles are a surefire way to disrupt your day.

Smart home security lets you show this source of stress the door. With remote control of your locks and garage door—plus a video doorbell to verify guests and delivery people—you can give access and protect doorstep deliveries without having to stay home.

Be considerate towards each other

You spend a lot of time looking after your home. With, it can look after you too. Take Geo-Services, which lets your home give you a warm welcome every day, with the porch lights turned on and the temperature adjusted to your preference. helps when you're busy, too. You can lock up everything on your way to work with the touch of a single button. If you're so busy that you forget, your home can let you know with a quick reminder.

Make your home one of the family

Valentines Video.jpg
The same technology that keeps things secure can also keep busy families more connected. This can be reassuring; for example, a smartphone alert when your kids arrive home from school is great for your peace of mind.

It's also fun. When you're away from home, you can open a video feed and watch your kids playing. They can even ring the doorbell camera for a quick chat with you. If you're prone to that FOMO feeling, can help banish it.

Want to show your home some love with smart home security?

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