The Smart Homeowner's Roundup: April

Apr 29 2016
Are you looking for ways to make your home safer, smarter and more efficient? We've rounded up some of April's best security and smart home tips for you, courtesy of's dealer network and other experts from around the Web.

Six hi-tech security features to consider

Besides a security system alone, what other technology can improve your home's security and safety? Consumer Reports lists six of the best, ranging from automated lighting to integrated HVAC controls. Five of their recommendations are available as part of an smart home, which gives you a single app to control them all.

Six green tune-ups for Earth Day...

Did you know that changing your home's AC filters regularly can help you save energy? That's just one of six easy environmentally-friendly tune-ups in this Earth-Day inspired to-do list for homeowners. Thanks, Protect America!

...and some 'green' security for summer

Continuing our Earth theme – did you know that some plants can boost your home's security? Thorny rosebushes, holly hedges and creeping juniper are a cost-effective way to deter intruders, says SafeTouch—especially when combined with motion-trigged smart lighting on your home's exterior.

Earth-Day inspired to-do list for homeowners. Why add smart lighting?

There's more on smart lighting from Monitronics, who outline three reasons to consider adding it to your home. Enhanced security, easy energy savings and convenience for guests make this smart home technology a must-have for the modern homeowner.

A window security checklist

Finally, it's the season to open your windows—but be careful not to make them inviting to intruders, says Vector Security. This window security checklist will help you enjoy the breeze while still keeping your home secure.

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