The Smart Homeowners Roundup: Fall 2016

Nov 21 2016
Want to make your home safer, smarter and more comfortable this fall? Take a look at our roundup of the best security and smart home tips, courtesy of's service provider network.

Avoid burglaries this Thanksgiving

Travelling out of town this week? It doesn't take much effort to make your home less attractive to burglars while you're away. From keeping your travel plans offline to activating some easy security features, these essential tips from EMC Security will keep your home better protected.

The value of professional monitoring

Teens can be happily oblivious to many things. But a fire in the house? Yep—that too. Fortunately, the family in this true story from Guardian Protection had professionally-monitored smart home security, including smart smoke detectors, and help was already on the way.

A new smart home saving: your insurance premium

Can your smart home security system earn you a discount on your homeowners insurance? Several major companies now offer discounts, reports QEI Security, with the biggest discounts of all going to homeowners with professionally monitored security and connected smoke detectors.

Considering a fake security camera?

Don't do it. As well as being useless in a break-in, you'll miss out on all the additional benefits of a genuine smart home security camera, says Protect America. From always knowing who's at the front door to capturing memories around the house, here's why you need the real deal.

Teaching kids about home security

Do your kids know what to do in an emergency at home? They might be young, but you can teach them the essentials without overwhelming them, says Vector Security. Start with door and window safety, escape routes from the home, and how to operate the security system.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our service providers! We're thankful for the work you do.

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