The Smart Homeowner's Roundup: March

Mar 31 2016
Do you like ways to make your home safer, smarter and more efficient? Already read every article this month? Don't worry – we've rounded up some of March's best stories and smartest advice from experts around the web for you to enjoy.

Here's what we recommend this month:

Clean your way to a safer home

A day of spring cleaning can give your home more than a sparkle, says Select Security. With a little extra effort, you can give your home a security tuneup at the same time. Dusting your ceilings? Change your smoke detector batteries while you're up there. Cleaning your windows? Check the locks too.

Teaching home safety to kids

It's never too early to teach your children some home safety basics. Security Associates has a good list to consider for children of all ages, including how to lock the door, where to find the first aid kit, and learning your family's fire escape route through the home.

Lower risk, lower insurance rates?

As well as protecting your home and family, a smart home security system is likely to reduce your home insurance premium, says Monitronics. Professionally monitored security reduces the risks of burglary, fire damage and injuries, which in turn reduces the amount of risk for your insurer.

Geo-fencing: no swords, just smarts

 What is geo-fencing? It does not refer to a swordfight between a person and a rock, explains Electronic House. Rather, it's an invisible boundary that triggers your smart home security system into action when you cross it, enabling helpful smartphone alerts and more. 

New to Here's an introduction to smart home security.