Smart Homeowners News Roundup: May

May 31 2016
Want to make your home safer, smarter and less costly to cool this summer? We've rounded up some of April's best security and smart home tips for you, courtesy of's service provider network and other experts from around the Web.

Secure your home for summer travel

Summer is the season for bathing suits and beaches, says Protect America – but don't forget to properly secure your home before you travel. With plenty of advice on how to keep your home looking occupied and busy, this illustrated checklist will help ensure that you return home to find things exactly as you left them.

Avoid costly landscaping mistakes

Planning to do some landscaping in your yard this summer? There are certain projects that you should approach with caution, warns Introducing the wrong plants, over-mulching or using too much gravel can quickly take you from ‘smart yard project' into ‘costly cleanup' territory. Double-check before you dig!

Babysitters and home security

Do you ever feel anxious when you leave your children with a babysitter? Your smart home security system can help you relax, says Guardian Protection Services, especially if you show the babysitter how to contact your monitoring station in an emergency. Contact sensors, video monitoring and a unique user code for the babysitter can also play their part in helping you enjoy your evening away from home.

Put a costly summer AC myth to rest

There's a common misperception that running your AC all day uses less energy than setting it back when you're out. Energy consumption expert Lauren Urbanek puts that myth to rest in this list of summer energy-saving tips that also includes advice on ceiling fans and insulation. PS: For the easiest way to set your AC back when you leave the house, check out's smart thermostat.

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