Four Smart Security Plays That Enables

Feb 04 2016
When it comes to protecting your home, the best defense is a proactive defense.

With's smarter home security, that's what you get. Every device in your home is connected and controlled by our smart home platform – the ‘head coach' of your smart home ecosystem who crunches real-time information and coordinates your devices to respond proactively to threats.

Here are four smart plays that makes when you need them.

HVAC Smoke Screen

The situation: smoke or carbon monoxide detected in your home.

The play: shuts off your smart thermostat, preventing harmful gas from circulating through your air ducts. Your professional monitoring station is alerted, and you and your emergency contacts receive smartphone alerts.

Garage Door Go

The situation: you leave home with your garage door open.

The play:'s Geo-Services triggers an actionable alert on your smartphone, enabling you to secure your garage remotely without returning home.

Water Detection Safety

The situation: a water sensor detects a leak from a burst pipe

The play: alerts you immediately to the threat. If a full water solution is installed, an automated valve shuts off your home's water supply to prevent flooding.

Crash and Smash Counter

The situation: a fast-moving burglar attempts to destroy your security panel during its entry countdown before it can send an alarm signal.

The play: takes note as soon as the front door is opened. If neither a ‘disarm' nor ‘emergency' signal is received at the end of the countdown, your professional monitoring station is alerted and police are dispatched.

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