Do You Want Energy Savings, Or Comfort? Or… Both?

Jul 15 2016
Do you think a smart thermostat should just save you energy? Or, do you think it should give you enhanced comfort as well?

If you're in the ‘savings AND comfort' camp, you're not alone. In fact, 93 percent of homeowners feel the same way, according to our recent Homeowners Survey.

So, why do most smart thermostats fail to deliver?

It's because most smart thermostats still manage a home's comfort the old fashioned way, based on the temperature in the room where the thermostat happens to be installed.

That's fine if you prioritize a comfortable hallway – but not so great if you consider the bedroom more important, or your baby's nursery. It's not great if, like most families, your center of activity moves from room to room throughout the day. Survey Precision Comfort.png Happily, there is a thermostat that can give you a comfortable kitchen in the morning, a relaxing living room temperature in the evening, and a cool bedroom at night.

The Smart Thermostat is built smarter, with access to a wealth of intelligence from around the home, including remote temperature sensors.

Simply install a remote temperature sensor in any room, assign it command of your smart thermostat, and enjoy precision comfort targeted to that room. With a sensor installed in each of your most important rooms, you can easily create a smart schedule that targets different rooms throughout the day.

And, all the while, you'll be saving energy in some very smart ways.

Have you met the Smart Thermostat yet?