Smarter Homeowner's Roundup: Summer '16

Aug 31 2016
As summer draws to a close and kids go back to school, we've rounded up some seasonal security and smart home tips for you to consider, courtesy of's service provider network and other experts from around the Web.

Stay safe through fire season

The summer heat may be easing but wildfire season is still here, making Protect America's complete guide to minimizing fire risk around your home and property a must-read. Featuring fire prevention tips for every danger point from campfires to clothes dryers, the guide also lays out the essential elements of an evacuation plan in the event of a fire threatening your neighborhood.

A secure investment for new homeowners

Did you buy a new home this summer? You probably still have a ton of questions on your mind, including ‘should we purchase security'. The answer is ‘yes' for several reasons, says Guardian Protection Services, including crime deterrence, protection for your new investment and savings on home insurance premiums, as well as the benefits of smart home technology.

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Five benefits of a video doorbell

Why are video doorbells so popular? Is it the idea of never having to open the door to an unwanted conversation ever again? Of course, says Monitronics—but it's also because the device improves security and enhances the value you get from your smart home security system. Note to new parents: don't overlook the baby-friendly ‘silent' mode.

Beating FOMO with smart home security

When you're a breadwinning parent, it's easy to wonder what you're missing out on back at home, particularly when your kids are young. Smart home security can help you conquer that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). has the story of how one working mom uses her app and video cameras to lighten the FOMO feeling with easy video check-ins to see what her kids are doing.

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