How Helps Summer Scheduling Horrors Disappear

Jul 14 2017
"Just when you thought… it was safe… to relax."

If your kids' school vacation had its own movie trailer, it might start with a line like this. With busy summer schedules and mixed-up routines, your long-awaited summer months can end up feeling like one of those scary movies you (used to) enjoy watching on late summer nights.

With a smart home security system powered by, however, many summer scheduling nightmares can disappear, making summer feel more like the blockbuster adventure you were looking forward to.

Summer Horror #1: Collision of Planet Soccer

Summer Scheduling 2.png
Wouldn't you know it: softball practice for your oldest kid got moved—to the same time as your youngest kid's soccer match.

The solution: Arrange for your oldest to get a ride home with a teammate's parent and let herself in with her own four-digit user code. You can even get a video alert from your doorbell camera when she comes home.

Even if she forgets the code, all she has to do is ring the doorbell camera. You can greet her from the comfort of your camp chair, open the door for her, and watch the rest of the soccer game knowing she has arrived home safely.

Summer Horror #2: Attack of the Summer Brain Drain

It happens. Your teen leaves the house for his summer job. He remembered his name tag and his uniform polo. He had just one other job: close the garage door. Yet, you come home after a long day to this open cavern that invites burglars and summer heat. It's enough to bring out the monster in you.

The solution: forgetful kids (or spouses) don't have to mean a major security breach. If someone leaves your smart garage door or front door open, the system can send an alert to your phone. Often, you can lock up and arm the system remotely.

Summer Horror #3: Prisoner of the Late Repairman

Summer Scheduling 1.png
Nothing messes up your summer plans more quickly than living by someone else's schedule. When a repair person says they'll show up sometime between noon and 4:30, that means changing your plans or sacrificing valuable paid time off.

The solution: Keyless, secure entry with an integrated smart lock means that when life happens, you can keep your plans. Contractors, repair people, or friends who need something from your house can all be safely and securely allowed in and out, whether you're at work or driving your kids to summer camp.

Summer Horror #4: The Teen Who Stays Up Late

For teens, it's fun to stay up late every long, summer night. You, however, still have work in the morning, and you need to ensure that everyone's safe and secure.

The solution: smart home technology can give your teen the freedom to come and go, while freeing you from worry. If they have a curfew, their user code can generate an alert when they arrive home, letting you know they're complying. If they're prone to forgetting to lock up, it's easy to create an alert for their own phone to remind them.

Want an easier, smarter summer?

With smart technology that keeps you connected to home, can help you relax while your kids enjoy their summer freedom. Click here to discover more ways to stay worry-free.