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Do I Need a Security System If I  Have a Dog?

Aug 23, 2017

Your dog is loyal and brave. They can alert you to potential danger, and deter an intruder. Does that mean you don't need a security system? Not exactly.
Three Smart Ideas to Keep Your Dog Comfortable This Summer

Jul 03, 2017

When you're out enjoying fireworks, cookouts and summer travel, a smart home security system can help you ensure that your dog is happy and comfortable at home.
Give Your Dog a Break.

Feb 20, 2017

For ten thousand years, dogs have worked tirelessly for their humans, alerting us at all hours to unexpected activity that could indicate danger. Finally, they can relax.
Alarm.Com Review: Staying Close To Our New Arrival

Aug 23, 2016

After two years of using smarter home security to keep an eye on their house when they're at work, Jaclyn and Jason have a new reason to check in via their apps.
How to Set Up a No-Show Alert

May 26, 2016

Want to know if your teen doesn't arrive home on time, or if your dog-walker doesn't show up? No-show alerts from are a smart way to stay informed.
READ MORE Review: The Alert Saved My Dogs; The Monitoring Saved My House

Oct 09, 2015

When Benjamin's system detected a fire at his home, it instantly alerted both him and his monitoring station – enabling him to save his dogs, and firefighters to save his and his neighbors' homes.
Video: Three Smart Home Animal Tales from

Feb 18, 2015

A Smart Home should make life better for every member of your family, including your pets. From video check-ins to nighttime feeding, an system lets you look after your animals in new and wonderful ways. Check out these three true stories!